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Our Unique Program

Adult Weight Loss
Tired of Lettuce? Then, don’t eat it! We focus on finding delicious foods that you will enjoy and still lose weight. Not everyone can eat the same foods and get the same results. We’ll help you find the foods that work for you. Everyone can diet, but now you can actually determine what foods will help you lose the weight and keep it off. Are you eating too little, too much? We will determine a program for your specific lifestyle and needs. more

Kids & Teens
Barbie and Ken, move over! Peer pressure and the media’s need to show "thin as in" can have a severe impact on your child’s self image. It’s not about dieting, it’s about learning better choices at home, at restaurants, and with friends. It’s about having someone else wanting your child’s school lunch instead of their own! more

Media Appearances

The Weight Manager has been featured in many publications, television and radio shows. more

Corporate Partnership

group weight loss programsAt Work Programs
We give you the time to concentrate on Business. The Weight Manager will help your employees lower absenteeism and increase productivity. Our programs will help lower health care costs by teaching your staff the way to eat better, hence, lowering cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure levels. Let our experienced staff come to your office and provide the tools needed with our 6 week program…
Give your employees the healthier weight loss option. more

Success Stories

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank You. I cannot say it enough!! I have more energy and feel better than ever because of all your support, dedication, encouragement and knowledge. You have changed my life - no diet! It's a lifestyle!"

– Bonnie [30 lbs]

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