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Food for Thought Newsletter

January is here. Make a Resolution like never before!

This is the time to actually change your habits for good. Stop all the dieting and learn the foods that work best for you.

Just cutting down on certain foods will not help you change your patterns on a long term basis. Experiment with different foods. It will also keep your meals interesting.

Did you Know? Not all recipes that are light are good for you. Some may contain too much sugar or salt. Even salads have more calories than you can imagine. A Chicken Ceasar, for example, can have over 1000 calories just in dressing and 71 grams of fat.

RECIPE OF THE MONTH: Multi-Layer Delight

Layers of Fun: This is a great recipe for kids too. Get a trifle dish and start getting all of your favorite healthy items together. Start chopping and start layering.

Layer 1- Lettuce
Layer 2- Light Cheese
Layer 3-Chopped Tomatoes
Layer 4- Chopped Chicken, Tuna, or Tofu
Layer 5- Chopped Carrots
Layer 6 –Chopped Beans or Peas

Add some oil and vinegar after you've served it. This is a balanced meal that is sure to satisfy.

The Biggest Loser Challenge starts in Feb.

Join The Weight Manager and Foot Solutions for a slimming good time. For more details please call 954-895-2023.

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